Inside the Mind of Your Dog

Have you ever wondered what your dog thinks and feels about you? Sometimes a tail wiggle can show what your dog is thinking. Other times, it may be harder to figure out. Understanding your dog and their emotions is a natural desire for most dog owners. Research has offered psychological insights into the dreams, emotions, [...]

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Decoding Your Dog’s Bark

Dogs may not be able to communicate like humans--but like us--they can change their tones and meaning easily. Dogs have many barks that convey different attitudes. Unlike people, dog’s barks are unique to their species because each bark has a universal meaning.   If you have a dog or are wondering what your furry friends [...]

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Top 6 Dog Parks in NYC

As an animal lover and dog owner, there is no doubt in my mind: dogs make life better. I mean, who doesn’t love coming home to a dog’s wagging tail and goofy smile? In New York City, where most people live in apartments and backyards are few and far between, having a dog can be [...]

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Best Dog Breeds For People With Allergies

Having a pet around to cuddle and play with is really fun. Sometimes, people who love animals and who really want a pet can’t have one because they or someone in their family is allergic. For example, I have a friend who loves dogs but can’t have one--his sister is allergic and having a pet [...]

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7 Reasons Why I Love Dogs

Dogs are natural comedians and goofballs. Dogs are giant goofballs. They do the funniest things. Whether it’s your own dog chasing his tail, a hilarious puppy photo posted on social media, or silly video of two chow chows clowning around, dogs have a way of making us laugh hysterically. In a way, dogs are very [...]

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7 Lessons I Learned From Being A Pet Owner

Eddie, my family’s Jack Russell Terrier, was the best dog and my favorite playmate. I miss him so much and am so thankful for all that he taught me. Here are 7 things I learned from having Eddie as a pet. Why it’s important to pitch in. Learning to care for Eddie as a puppy [...]

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Ryan Croman

Ryan Croman is a 3rd-grader at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan. When he’s not at school, Ryan loves playing sports and spending time with his friends. A real athlete, Ryan excels at soccer, basketball, and tennis. In June, Ryan will return to the coed sleepaway camp in Maine for his third consecutive summer. [...]

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