As an animal lover and dog owner, there is no doubt in my mind: dogs make life better. I mean, who doesn’t love coming home to a dog’s wagging tail and goofy smile? In New York City, where most people live in apartments and backyards are few and far between, having a dog can be challenging. Luckily, throughout the city there are plenty of dog parks where your pup can run around and socialize with other dogs.

Here are the best dog parks in New York City. With plenty of open space to run free, these six dog parks will have your four-legged friend begging for a W-A-L-K.

  1. Prospect Park (Brooklyn)

    Ryan Croman dog

    Two dogs cool off at Longmeadow Dog Beach in Prospect Park.

    Prospect Park in Brooklyn offers off-leash hours for pups to enjoy its spacious, sweeping terrain. There are off-leash areas in the Park’s Middle and Upper Long Meadow (excluding the ball field area in the Lower Long Meadow), Nethermead, and Peninsula. Raising bigger dogs in the city can be difficult, but Prospect Park’s open green spaces are perfect for energetic pups who need daily exercising.

  2. Chelsea Waterside Park

ryan croman dog park

Hanging on the rocks at Chelsea Waterside Park.

The dog run at Chelsea Waterside Park scores points for its interactive design and man-made obstacles for dogs who love climbing. Though its size is smaller than other dog runs in the area, the layout of Chelsea Waterside Park encourages active play. Located at West 23rd and 11th Avenue, its proximity to the waterfront provides an excellent view for owners as well.

  • Hillside Dog Park and Run (Brooklyn)

  • ryan croman

    A Corgi enjoys Hillside Dog Park in Brooklyn Heights.

    Hillside Dog Park and Run is open 24 hours everyday, ensuring that you and your dog can access this woodsy pup haven whenever you want. That the park is always open makes it a great spot for dog owners who work long or odd hours.

  • Little Bay Dog Park (Queens)

  • Ryan_Croman

    Dogs can run freely in Little Bay Park.

    Little Bay Dog Park is located right on the water, in clear view of the Throgs Neck bridge. This dog park is made of sand, which gives the terrain a beachy feel and prevents the ground from getting muddy when it rains. There’s also a designated area for small dogs, water fountains, shade and plenty of seating.

  • 105th Street Dog Run

  • 105th street dog park

    Saturday afternoon at the dog park.

    The 105th Street Dog Run, which operates under The Riverside Park Conservancy, was created by a group of local dog owners who saw potential to turn the space into a dog run. With plenty of benches and water fountains, this dog run also hosts “Sundays in the Run” for humans and dogs alike to hang out and socialize.

  • Tompkins Square Dog Run

  • ryan croman

    Looking festive at the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade.

    Boasting 18,500 square feet of open space, bone-shaped doggie pools, a “puppy patch” for the little guys, and even a dog wash. For the last two decades, dog owners and spectators alike come to the dog park to attend the Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Dog owners and their pups go all out with their costumes.


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